True Vine Apostolic Church Intl.(champion chapel)

Welcome/Mission statement

This is the end of your search for a friendly church. We worship the Lord Jesus Christ together in Spirit and in Truth. Our hearts are knit together in love and the joy we find in serving Jesus is contagious!

True vine Apostolic church is under the capable leadership of Pastor & Mrs. Abiodun Akinlolu. We are truly blessed with their godly, anointed ministry and vision.
God bless you, and thank you for your visit to our site. As you browse through these pages, we hope to introduce ourselves and give you a little taste of what “New Life” is all about. More importantly, we seek to magnify the Lord Jesus in every aspect of our lives and to enable those who hunger and thirst to know more about Him to find a full, rich, rewarding personal walk with God.

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Mission of the Church
The mission (purpose) of the church is fourfold: 1) to present to the lost the Gospel message of salvation based on faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ and a true repentance and conversion1 ; 2) to teach,nurtureand make champion of believers toward a sanctified life and to faithfulness by God's grace and through His Word;2 3) to preserve sound doctrine by "contending for the faith";3 and 4) to offer loving, humble deeds of service to fellow believers and all mankind in the name of Christ.4

By teaching and obeying the Word in its simplicity, the church and the individual are guided into living in a Christ-like manner. Giving pre-eminence to God's Word for all instruction enhances the church's efforts to "contend for the faith once delivered unto the saints."5

The believer is nurtured through participation in humble worship and is encouraged and strengthened by intimate fellowship with supportive brothers and sisters in Christ. A warm, loving environment in the church provides a sense of security and consolation in the midst of a troubled world. Personal accountability to the church Body6 and frequent exhortation to live a sanctified life7 help each believer remain faithful.



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Upcoming Events

Monday, Dec 17 at 4:00 AM - Friday, Dec 21 5:00 PM
Tuesday, Dec 17 at 4:00 AM - Saturday, Dec 21 5:00 PM
Thursday, Dec 17 at 4:00 AM - Monday, Dec 21 5:00 PM
Friday, Dec 17 at 4:00 AM - Tuesday, Dec 21 5:00 PM